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Our Journey

The Nanaimo Bar is a journey of trust, deep faith, blood, sweat, tears, and dedication! Without our community's support this dream-come-true simply wouldn't exist.


The Nanaimo Bar's early days were all about finding strength together: musicians played for free, friends donated their time, skills, and energy. Soon our growth was exponential and continues to this day — a deeply humbling and heart warming experience.


Local artists, dedicated friends, and new friendly faces make The Nanaimo Bar a second home for all, and we are proud to welcome every walk of life here. Many relationships found their spark here, with some even getting married!! 


Here you can find new besties, old friends, generations connecting over a drink, and humans who have Nanaimo in their very DNA. All genres, all eras, open-mic, comedy, burlesque, drag, DJS and more.


This is a space that inspires magic to come alive.


The Nanaimo Bar… the sweetest bar in town.

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See some of the memories made at of The Nanaimo Bar! Share your good times at the Nanaimo Bar with Sonia and maybe we'll add it to the gallery!
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